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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - We need music for both the ceremony and the reception. Can Critical Sound provide both?
A – Sure. We do it all the time. Not only are we experienced with both, we can help you plan if needed, and we can save you money!

Q - We are on a very tight budget. We have a relative that has a real nice stereo and has volunteered to play music at our reception. What would be different if we hired Critical Sound?
A – We understand how hard it is for someone on a real tight budget, we work with people in your shoes all the time. But what you need to understand is that it will be very different in a number of ways. First of all, you won’t have a microphone. That means if you have more then 20 guests you will be shouting at them throughout the reception. Second, whether you are using an I-pod or cds, you will have a break between every song. Even a couple of seconds of silence kills a dance floor. Without some of the specific DJ equipment we use, it is not possible to use a microphone or mix songs.

Q – My fiancée has a friend that is going to DJ our reception.
He has DJ’d at lots of parties but never a wedding reception. Is it really that different?

A – Yes. Night and day different! The person you have playing the music and acting as your emcee is going to be making a lot of decisions at your reception. If you trust him to play the appropriate background music, at the appropriate volume, make the appropriate announcements, and decide when and how to do the toast, cake-cut, bouquet and garter toss, first dance, etc, then that’s a start. All of that was the social time. From the first dance on, do you trust this person to play music for everybody? At an appropriate volume? If all your other friends decide to go somewhere else is your DJ going to stay and keep playing for your relatives? Will he play the country music you requested for your friends that love it?...Of course, he will be dressed appropriately, won’t he?

Q – At our friends wedding the DJ did not play the music they wanted him to play. How do we know Critical Sound will?
A – That’s a great question, and we solve that dilemma before the wedding. We believe in a face-to-face consultation where we find out not only what songs you want played, but also what is most important to you as the night goes on. Some couples want us to play from their list only. Others want us to deviate if needed. And some will say, “Just keep the dance floor busy”. There are many other variables we will discuss during the consultation and in the end we will follow your wishes.

Q – If we hire you for 4 hours, is that 4 hours of music?

A – Yes, that is 4 hours of music. You will not pay for the set-up or tear-down time which on average is about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Q – How do your DJ’s dress?
A – Our dress code is simple. Dress shirt, dress shoes, dress slacks. Our aim is to fit-in, not stand out. Our goal is to look like one of your guests.

Q – What kinds of music do you have? Does Critical Sound have ethnic music?
A – Absolutely! 25 years of experience has resulted in an enormous body of music, literally tens-of-thousands of song titles and artists and songs many people have never heard of. We have most of the popular American dance music which is Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country. We have most of the popular oldies, of most genres, going back to the turn of the century.

And to answer the question of ethnic music, yes! We have several forms of Latin music, World-beat, Reggae, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Bollywood, Bhangra, as well as some of the more traditional forms such as Celtic, Zydeco, Native American, African and others. We also recognize that you probably know your favorite genre better then we do, so we are happy to learn from you!



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